Fosshield® Technology

Fossheild®, an FDA cleared antimicrobial technology incorporating silver and copper ions into the fiber which naturally attack microbes thus delivering surface protection in addition to odor, mold, and bacteria resistance.  

Fosshield is the technology incorporated into the SpectraShield™ 9500 N95 surgical respirator mask. In the FDA testing, Fosshield began microbe prevention immediately and eliminated 99.99% of certain odor-causing bacteria after one hour of contact with the respirator surface. Source: Fosshield

This antimicrobial technology makes the perfect solution for healthcare, living, and workspaces with the added benefit of noise mitigation and visual beauty. 

“ The fiber technology featured in Fosshield®works against the types of airborne bacteria we are most concerned about. This type of ‘capture and kill’ technology is ideal. It’s the silver bullet against bacteria.”  – Dr. Charles Gerba 

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