Urban Jungle by LeVel

Wallcoverings are a great way to upgrade your interiors. Whether you go for one or all walls, your space can transform with style.

Make a bold statement with wall murals as your focal point. Urban Jungle by LeVel Digital is available in 6 standard colorways  | Order Samples |

A great feature of digital printing is the ability to produce your image on wide variety of substrates, from Type II vinyl and clear films to acoustic materials. LeVel is committed to creating products that contribute to a clean, healthy, and safe environment.

Our acoustic felt wallcovering is made of 100% post industrial recycled polyester + Fosshield, an FDA cleared antimicrobial technology incorporating silver and copper ions into the fiber which naturally attack microbes | Request A Quote |

Another great substrate is TARGA®, a clear PETG sheet, .040” thick, with the image printed on the back side of the material and protecting it from wear and abrasion. These rigid panels are stain resistant, impact resistant, withstands most scratches & gouges, bacteria & fungi resistant plus easily cleanable with a wide range of cleaners.

Standard substrate for this pattern is Type II Vinyl Wallcovering with WallMax topcoat (coating formulation is heavy metal free). For custom substrates, colors and designs contact your rep to schedule a consultation.

#DesignInspiration Urban Jungle by LeVel ✨ Nature doesn’t have many violet representations, flowers bearing this color are scarce, being considered rare and delicate. The color violet means passion, vitality and encourages the flow of imagination. (shown custom color) 

Featured Flooring: Zeolite Violet by TileBar. Evoking the natural beauty of volcanically formed Agate stone, vivid bands of color bend and swirl throughout each piece.

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