August Introductions

Colour & Design’s favorite linen texture Caleb just received a fresh hue makeover and a striking new companion, Caleb Crossroads!  At first glance this may seem familiar but look closely and see the distinct details in the on-trend bold scale balanced with clean, graphic lines to create our stunning new plaid. Each line is comprised of 21 coordinating colourways. | Order samples |



Command Wallcovering has 3 new introductions this month:  Chiseled Wood, Impact and Stelvio.

Chiseled Wood is a dimensional texture with an added metallic accent. This pattern is both very fashionable and Zen. Chiseled Wood’s horizontal, carved wood, emboss texture creates a sense of flow and movement on the wall that transforms the room into a stylish yet soothing space.Order samples |



Impact is a small rectangular motif that has a modernistic feel. When styled in a metallic finish it mimics the dazzling look of a disco ball, creating a subtle, yet awe inspiring moment in an interior space. Whether in a matte or metallic finish, this design is sure to add some fun and a modern flare to your decor.
| Order samples |



Stelvio, a brand new embossed woven texture and a wonderful modern linen that adds just the right amount of interest and ambiance to a room. It has a small hint of shimmer that helps give the texture a feeling of elegance and grace.  | Order samples |



Inspired by a recent trend in unconventional materials crossing the design divide to deliver the drama and character of differentiated spaces, Patty Madden introduces Chainite. The metal “weave” of this wallcovering is an excellent example of the artsy appeal of metal. Chainite’s metallic “jewelry” is vertically interwoven with softly stippled earthen hues that spill down a wall’s surface – undulating chainmail “curtains” that lend a stage-like quality to every space. A unique fusion of industrial with the intrigue of repurposed goods, and we think we have found the missing link!  | Order samples |