Colour & Design Kite Tails Collection

Kite Tails

Originating in China over two thousand years ago, Kites are an ancient tradition with a wide range of uses, from strategic and practical, to decorative and playful, to spiritual.

Loosely imitating the geometric shapes of classic kites, with their streamers trailing behind them, Kite Tails creates an organic, yet contemporary shape on the wall, like the shadow of a kite in the sky. | Order Samples |

Composed of subdued earth tones and soft neutrals, this palette reflects the natural materials that constructed the original kites, while the shimmering metallics bring an airy, whimsical elegance to the design, like ribbon caught in the wind on a sunny day

Kite Tails Texture

Elevate your space with the serene minimalism of Kite Tails Texture, a chic linen texture that’s soft and subtle, yet strong enough to speak for itself.

This 16 sku palette of balanced neutrals and gentle earth tones coordinates with Kite Tails, but is flexible for any space

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