Create : Quadrille

Geometry is an essential, mathematical tool used in the creation of unforgettable interiors. Quadrille executes this mechanism to perfection, establishing a sense of spatial harmony, contrast & unity.

Quarille’s embossing defines space while acting as a visual guide.

Horizontal lines lend walls a safe, secure feeling, while vertical lines communicate a more free and expansive emotion. Tessellated angular lines take it a step further, adding a certain dynamism that is both clean and modern.

Featured art by @Line_and_honey and @elanbyrd 

Available in a 21-colour palette, of neutral, medium and saturated hues, this pattern utilizes subtle pearlescence contrasted against the motif’s more matte finishes.

Quadrille. Another chance to fall in love with algebra. This time, we think you’ll love it.

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