Anacortes & Cordova from Patty Madden and Luxe Surfaces

Introducing the latest collection from Patty Madden & Luxe Surfaces; Anacortes & Cordova. Drawing inspiration from woodgrain, these designs feature an intricate woodgrain texture and a coordinating whimsical pop polka dot, adding a touch of fun to your space. With a focus on organic neutral color palettes, these designs effortlessly blend into any interior style while offering a stylish statement.


Named after the crown jewel of the San Juan archipelago, and inspiration behind the biophilic design of Patty Madden’s most recent wallcovering reveal, meet Anacortes. This wood-inspired wallcovering would fool even the most astute eye, distinctly capturing life-like grains, textures and colors visible to the many who hike its scenic nature trails. A coastal inspired color palette offers hues ranging from mellow driftwoods and old-growth forests to sandy seagrass greens and rocky greys. Anacortes brings the warmth and foundation beauty of wood to walls that saves you both ferry or fuss. With Anacortes, you’ve already arrived.  | order samples  |


Inspired by a unique oceanside bay of the same name, we bring you Cordova – Patty Madden’s celebratory wood-look wallcovering that plays buoyantly with Anacortes. Cordova fuses the indigenous provenance of this locale with its more recent historical development as an early 20’s hotspot – popular for its beach house banquet hall, weekend dances, and sandbar wide enough for softball and badminton. Cordova’s subtle wood grain is playfully popped with a circular motif that reads as a wide vertical stripe. The palette offers 8 matte hues that range from tall timber browns, to crab shell ochre, and beachcomb beige. Cordova embraces a unique partnership – the provenance and appeal of wood expressed with modern sentiment. Like its namesake, Cordova exemplifies historic and modern elements coming together to produce something better than the sum of their parts.  | order samples  |



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