What’s New from Create Wallcovering!

Introducing the latest additions to Create Wallcovering, Shantung and Tenaya. These two new patterns showcase the perfect blend of sophistication and elegance, each offering a unique texture that mimics the luxurious feel of silk and the timeless appeal of linen.  


Inspired by horizontal silk, a natural fiber renowned for its durability and resilience, Create’s newest introduction, Shantung, boasts a horizontally woven texture that oozes luxury. Shantung’s soft elegance is further enhanced by a subtle sheen that exudes opulence. Available in classic neutrals and soft accent colors, this new silk effortlessly melds timeless appeal with a modern touch, making it a versatile and exquisite choice for any design project. | order samples |

Introducing  Tenaya from Create, a sophisticated new pattern that exudes elegance and texture in every detail. Infused with a hint of metallic accent, this linen-inspired design creates a soft and inviting ambiance, perfect for adding a touch of glamour to any space. Organically inspired neutrals offer a subtle nod to nature, while the variety of accent colors provide versatility to suit any style. Truly a standout choice for those seeking a blend of modern luxury and timeless charm, Tenaya is a top contender for creating a refined and visually captivating atmosphere. | order samples |

For a firsthand experience of their beauty and quality, order your free overnight samples from our website or email samples@nationalsolutions.com.