Ink Spots and Ink Spot Linen by Symphony Wallcovering

As each ink droplet finds its place, a layered pattern of lush color appears. Inspired by an Artist’s drop cloth, Ink Spots delicately paints the surface with soft strokes of varying transparency.

The unique gathering of pigments create a gentle balance between the positive and negative space. | Order Samples |

Ink Spots’ seven versatile colorways offer sophistication and function. Embrace Neutral White and Cream’s a la mode tones for a calming ambiance.

From the deep, suave blues of Navy and its hospitality vibe to the light, playfulness of Wellness White, perfect for healthcare, Ink Spots is the finishing touch to your canvas.

Ink Spots pairs nicely with Ink Spot Linen.. A classic linen that embodies its muse: an artist’s canvas. | Request A Quote | | Order Samples |

Adding an edge to this traditional textile, Ink Spot Linen plays with texture and pops of color. Thoughtfully curated colorways allow accent hues and tones to be highlighted within your space.

Complete your healthcare setting with the fun, youthful blues and violet of Wellness White, or pull out the neutral, soothing striations of Cream and Neutral White for a heavenly atmosphere.



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