Key Elements of Moroccan Design

Low rise seating is a key feature in creating a Moroccan inspired interior. Incorporate low tables with elaborate metalwork or ornate wood carvings. Rustic wooden doors, woven baskets and ornamental decors introduce a vintage bohemian vibe. 

Ornamental ceramic tiles but make it Wallcovering 🖌✨ Spanish Tile by LeVel is available in 6 standard colorways and custom color to fit your space | order samples |

With touches of gold and silver with jewel colors, you can achieve this beautiful style. Greenery will bring the mind to urban jungles and interior gardens.

Exquisite Moroccan mosaic fountains and moorish indoor pools are the art of a whole history. Sounds of flowing water is known to be serene and healing. 

Neutral Moroccan interiors can be achieved with metallic chandeliers, geometric screens and room dividers. Choose your materials according to your color palette.

Pottery sink techniques from Marrakech are famous for the richness of design and patterns as well as bathed in sunlight. Checkout Moroccan Pottery Sinks

Tiles featuring geometric design found on floors, walls and tables, add an element of this style to your interior. Tiles fireplaces look beautiful and attractive. 

Choose silk fabrics and silk Wallcoverings to bring a sense and touch of the Silk Road. Red and coral themed rooms are the most common color choices for this style.

Obana Ogee by Colour & Design, features a modern ogee design with the same metallic hues found in Obana Glint. Whether used solo or in combination, Obana, Obana Glint & Obana Ogee weave a timeless perspective for your walls. #wallcovering

Inspired by Marrakech Mediterranean Restaurant Las Vegas. Thanks for being great hosts during HD Expo dinner, AMTREND + Fabric Innovations!


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