New from Symphony

Introducing Teahouse Weave & Woodwinds. Let Symphony redefine your space, and embrace a journey where organic elegance meets nature’s symphony.

Teahouse Weave aims to revitalize interiors by integrating earth-focused colors and weaving texture that emulates natural elements promoting an environment with well-balanced energy and stability. This series subtly blends the characteristics of a fine linen and a grass weave with soft and luxurious texture and rustic qualities reminiscent of natural fibers. Offered in eighteen refreshing color variations from cool to warm tones that evoke a sense of tranquility, grounding, and connection with the outdoors, allowing the natural world to be experienced inside.  | order samples |


Wood wallcovering has long been a favorite of interior designers for its natural warmth and authentic beauty. Designed to last, Woodwinds is the solution you’re looking for to give your space beautiful representation of earthy materials that is cost-effective and versatile in any room. Natural graining, knots, subtle color shading, and texture make Woodwinds almost indistinguishable from genuine aged resources.  | order samples |