Feng Shui

Design Inspiration Metalique by Command Wallcovering.
Inspired by Asian style interiors, known as Oriental design, Zen and peaceful aesthetics are shown in this Mood Board.

(Sku: CM95-2035) https://www.nationalsolutions.com/solution/metalique-cm95-2035

Feng Shui is the interaction of humans and their environments. Blue is an expression of the water element. The sign of balance and equilibrium is none other than water, very common in the Asian style as a sign of atmosphere full of ease. It has been scientifically proven that the sound of the flowing water harmonizes/balances the soul and mind.

Bring life into space by incorporating natural elements in your design.The main colors to focus on are blues and neutral shades to stabilize the vibes. The color blue brings a sense of relaxation and healing.

Add potted plants and shrubs which will transform your everyday environment to something modern, yet comfortable.

You can choose a painted screen or jade-colored urns to fulfill your style; these details, mixed with simple and neutral furnishing, will inspire and create the perfect Asian-styled setting.