Silks, Linens and Grasses by Colour & Design


Canton Crepe Silk Satin will add instant elegance to your walls with a subtle shimmer that gives the feel of a luxurious silk.  The softer finish of Canton Crepe Silk Matte is a great counter-part adding a touch of masculinity with shades like Urban Nature, Porch Light and River Rail. Order Samples


Watch heads turn with the re-creation of our timeless favourite, Caleb – now expanded to 22 gorgeous linen-like shades and accented brights. Order Samples


A combination of our original Yoshi design, a new luster enhancing emboss and the added warm glow of pearl and metallic inks create this new luxurious pattern that will dress up any wall space. This new upscale linen is comprised of a total of 20 elegant neutrals and rich accents. Order Samples 


Originally inspired by the silk lining of an antique Kimono, Kaden has a soft linen texture that will add warmth and sophistication to any area. We’ve updated this colour palette to contain 18 versatile offerings. Order Samples


Keeping designer’s favorites while expanding each of the lines for a final sku count of 20 coordinating colourways per pattern. Obana Glint kicks it up a notch by adding a horizontal metallic accent for elegance. Order Samples

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