Stone Effect Wallcovering for Interiors

Style to stand the test of time…  Stone is a timeless element in design. The effect is nothing short of custom hand applied… only you’ll know these patterns are vinyl wallcovering!

Magliano by Colour & Design is inspired by and named after the enduring stone walls in Toscano Italy. A montage of various size interlocking blocks, both tactile and beautiful in 20 natural stone patina colourways | Order Samples

Patina Stone mimics the artisan techniques used by master craftsmen. The essence of weathered, layered stone can be seen across the 18 colorways that coordinate with Patina Stripe | View swatches

Brizio by DeNovoWall ! Subtle, cascading layers of a painterly-like wash, applied over a smooth cement surface, creating a crafted aesthetic that pairs perfectly in the industrial modern setting or refined formal. | Order Samples

Aspects of stone, minerals and water were the inspiration for Marble by Vycon. Highly regarded for its use in architectural buildings and sculpture, this large scale pattern, references the natural material, limestone. | View Swatches 

With its dramatic movement and brushstrokes, Marble becomes a piece of art. Warm neutrals, cool grey and rich gem tones carve out the palette. | Request A Quote 

Miscela, by Colour & Design, is best characterized by the blending of layers of colour. This new integrated design displays captivating, yet delicate horizontal striations reminiscent of western canyon walls. Miscela’s colour palette is composed of twenty earthy hues. | View Swatches

Farrah incorporates large-scale fluid vertical waves with stunning layers of hues to create a tranquil, serene environment. The custom painted quality of Colour & Design’s gravure print is created through blending soft metallic pigments with gorgeous, colorful inks, providing harmony, and a sense of calm and relaxation. | Order Samples

Verona, by Command Wallcovering, features 14 distinctive colorways that deliver elegance with a marble-inspired finish. |  View Swatches

The time-worn texture of crinkled parchment paper describes Renaissance by Symphony. Gilded and mysterious, this gracefully weathered design reveals antiqued grandeur that captures current influences. Metallic tones mixed with 18 dusky neutrals blur the lines between the past and present. | Order Samples

Rustic elegance, hauntingly beautiful with a time worn horizontal orientation…vacillating like mist to create a virtually seamless installation. Ghost Concrete, by Colour & Design, makes a casual yet luxurious statement…in your choice of 16 (super)natural shades. | View Swatches 


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