Using Disinfectants & Cleaners on Aqua-Clear Protected Wallcoverings

Suitable for HEALTHCARE & HOSPITALITY, Aqua-Clear Protected Wallcoverings
are durable enough to withstand most disinfectant and cleaning products exceeding the CDC recommended bleach disinfecting solution for non-porous surfaces.

With the growing concern regarding hygiene and the spread of viruses, Colour & Design
has tested several disinfectant and cleaning products on Aqua-Clear Protected Wallcoverings.

The procedure for testing the wallcovering sample is as follows:

  • Spray until wet and allow to stand for a minimum of 20 minutes. (Following manufacturer’s instructions)
  • Spray again until thoroughly wet and secure in a Gardner abrasion tester
  • Using a Gardner sponge, run 200 cycles
  • Stop, dry and visually inspect for damage to the print layer, note any change


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