EPSc Exterior Cladding System

EPSc is premium exterior cladding system, comprising concealed fasteners embedded into exterior grade panels and a concealed aluminum frame. 

Exterior panels are available in CompactWood , CompactWood ’S’ , and Carbon Zero. Panels can be as large as 5’ x 12’ , in this project the typical panel size is 4’ x 10’

The project featured in this blog is Grove XXII Golf Club, a private course in Hobe Sound, Florida. 

The back faces of the panels are precision machines and fitted with special expanding anchors embedded in them. 

Adjustable Channel brackets are fastened to the back of the panels. The brackets allow for vertical adjustment and lock-in-place.

The panels sit on an aluminum frame that is adjustable laterally to ensure the wall panels and soffit panels can adjust to provide perfectly square and matched adjacent surfaces. 

Projection options range from 2” to 12”. Digital designs can be developed in house, custom surfaces and acoustical options are also available. Reveals can be upto 1” wide and can be finished in matching or contrasting finishes. Metal & backlit reveals are an option. 

Key features include : 

  • Fast to install
  • Predrilled Panels 
  • Walls, Soffits and Columns 
  • Open or Closed reveals
  • Real Wood or Synthetic Wood Options
  • Projection Options 
  • Solid Colors, Stones, Abstracts and Custom Digital