GRID Wood Solutions

GRID® wall panels are made from durable, class A Fire Rated, water resistant and impact resistant phenolic. Standard anodized aluminum reveals can be custom colored for deeper customization. The result is a panel system that can withstand the rigors of relatively harsh environments and can be delivered and installed very quickly.

The panel surfaces are anti-microbial and chemical resistant making them perfect to with-stand harsh cleaning substances and ideally suited for clinical installations.

Available in both Real Wood and Faux wood as well as hundreds of solid colors and accent finishes, the GRID® wall panel system is for perfect for use in high traffic areas where wall protection is a must.

The pictures in this blog are of Nova South Eastern University, where the requirement for hi-impact finishes and beautiful wood surfaces were a pre- requisite. Utilizing Carbon Zero HPL® Phenolic Wood panels, GRID was a perfect solution that helped to reduce the installaton time by over 50%.

Key Features include :

-Fast to install
-Only 3/8″ total projection – thinnest in the industry -Durable high impact,
-Fire rated and
-Water resistant
-Chemical resistant
-Hundreds of colors, faux woods and abstracts
-Real Wood Veneers available



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