Sound-LESS Wood Solutions

Sound-LESS® Acoustical Panels by AAM are premium lightweight panels wrapped in either wood or fabric and deliver exceptional lightweight performance in both horizontal and vertical applications.

Key Features include :

-Fast to install
– Concealed wall and cloud fasteners
-Wall and Cloud hardware for every situation available
-Open or Closed reveals
-Real Wood, Veneer Vinyl and fabric options
-Thickness Options
-NRC Values from 0.8 to 1.0

Sound-LESS® Acoustical Panels can be utilized in both vertical and horizontal applications, and with a choice of edge finishes and installation methods, Sound-LESS® panels provide a flexible lightweight solution for all noise attenuation requirements.

The panel composed of a fire retardant hardened fiberglass substrate (6-7 pounds per cubic foot) with a high impact fiberglass facing (18 pounds per cubic foot). All edges of the substrate are chemically hardened. The faces are wrapped with Real Wood Veneer natural and recon veneers or our range of beautiful acoustic fabrics.

Panel edges can be fully wrapped for seen edges on wall panels or ceiling clouds etc. Alternatively, they can be left clean cut when dripping in to a ceiling or wall grid.

If the panels are inserted into a grid or track, and the edges are unseen, the panel edges are left clean cut.

There are numerous mounting methods to satisfy every situation. The most common of these is the Rotofast system featured in this brochure. Alternatives include adhesive and finish nails, Z-clips and concealed edge clips.

The Patented Rotofast anchor is designed to install fibreglass core acoustical panels to any substrate. Simply choose your spot and hand twist to insert.

The Black Ratchet is affixed to the substrate using the EZ Anchor and mates with the Rotofast anchor.

The reusable marking plug is used to mark anchor locations on the substrate.

The Patented Rotofast cloud anchor is designed for fiberglass core acoustical panels 1-1-1/2” thick or smaller 2” thick panels.

The Rotofast Cloud Anchor with Metal Eye is designed for fiberglass core acoustical panels 1-1-1/2” thick.

The Rotofast extended anchor is designed for fiberglass substrates 2” or thicker.

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