The Rise of Biophilic Design

Biophilia, or “love of life,” is our innate need to connect with nature.

Environment psychology research has indicated that being connected to nature is an adaptive human function that allows for, and assists with, psychological restoration. Considering the facts that immersing ourselves in nature has proven biological and emotional benefits; what If architects and designers create new types of buildings that better support our healing process?

In The Garden (L11-0101)

Research shows a clear link between productivity and office design. In the report, Sit Cary Cooper, a professor of organizational psychology and health at Lancaster University, noted “For the organizations that focus on their spaces and work hard to deliver meaningful inspiring workplaces, the dividends are made clear.. Performance jumps, as does creativity. Yet, there are no off-the-shelf templates for the utopian work environment.”

L50804X Mineralogy – Metallic Crystal

Nature has its own patterns and spatial hierarchy. A stunning piece of art that formed completely naturally in the ground for years has got to be special in some way. Healing crystals remind us to quiet the chatter of the mind and reconnect to the universally healing vibrations of the earth. To promote positive energy and increase Feng Shui, incorporate crystals in your design.

Spaces built using minimally processed materials, namely woods and stones, that reflect the local ecology or geology create a sense of place. But ratio matters when it comes to wood: too much ( 90% coverage) decreases brain activity- great for a spa but not for an office or classroom.

Bringing the outdoors inside this new wood-inspired collection around the eight most popular species including additional hues to fit any space. A timeless element to feature in interior design, Wood is able to catch a certain organic warmth. ORDER SAMPLES

Focusing on scientifically-backed ways to apply biophilic design principles to contemporary spaces is the next logical step. Keep in mind these three design concepts:

  1. Nature in the Space integrating plants and water
  2. Nature Analogues specifying materials and patterns that evoke nature
  3. Nature of the Space designing configurations for depth, openness and refuge

DN2-PAW-06 Pawleys Island

This oversized botanical with a vertical silk texture will give you the sensation of a deluxe tropical getaway. The tropical style fully embraces nature. It’s all about relaxation and hospitality. With the right design you can ease stress and inspire positive emotions within inhabitants.


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    The Level 11 digital collection addresses all vertical, Biophilic design demands.
    The various substrates- acoustical, vinyl, impact resistant panels, wood veneer and window films- work together to meet both aesthetic and high cleanability demands.
    Bring the outdoors to the inside with ease and high performance, lasting design.

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