Letterpress by Level Digital Wallcovering

Letterpress printing is used for elegance, class and sophistication. This digital mural can be the focal point of your interior.  | Order Samples |

The history of block printing can be traced in ancient civilizations of Asia, Egypt and Assyria. The process requires patience, however, the highly artistic results are unobtainable by any other method. 

Later in the early 1500s, letterpress became the modern day method of printing. The blocks were inked and placed on paper, creating a better printing quality. This manual process did not contain rollers, meaning they were required to lift paper in and out of the machine. 

Customizing a Level design is a highly effective way of personalizing a space and making it unique.

By simply mixing and matching the 5 components of Design, Color, Material, Inks, & Coating, a near limitless range of solutions is possible.

We offer select environmentally-friendly substrates with long life cycle for designers to specify new projects.

Our High Performance Acoustic Wallcoverings are created from 100% post consumer recycled plastic bottles. | Request A Quote | Find Your Rep | 

Instagram video from international print museum showing letterpress printing process





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