Light Wood Aesthetic for Architecture & Design

Japanese Ash

With the race to a sustainable future well underway, architects, designers and manufacturers are all striving to find the best materials for their designs and for the environment.

Anigre QC

Here at National, we craft Real Wood Veneers to demonstrate a functional, durable, sustainable and beautiful product. Our patented process for slicing incredibly thin veneer increases the log’s yield by approximately 300%.

White Ash FC

The same volume of veneer that once came from three trees now only requires one. To erase our footprints, we will donate a % of sales to plant trees! Learn more about One Tree Planted

Recon Oak QC

From exterior weather-proof and interior sound absorptive wood to flexible wood wallcovering and fabricated architectural systems, if it’s wood you need, we’ve got you covered!

Exterior Panel Systems (X)  Available as planks or panels and suitable for wall and soffit conditions, EPSf is fast, durable and competitive.

Maple QC

Wood Wallcovering is sustainable, flexible and beautiful. The feeling of natural warmth and comfort that wood elicits in people has the effect of lowering blood pressure and heart rates, reducing stress and increasing positive social interactions. 

Maple QC

Wood is versatile and aesthetically delightful, the only limit to what one can make with wood is restricted by ones imagination. Order Samples for Maple QC | Request Available Inventory


Project Highlight : Forward Healthcare | Ashton Kutcher-Backed Medical Startup Brings A.I – Assisted Technology and Futuristic Body Scans to L.A. Mall. Read Full Story

Recon White Ash FC

Unlike solid wood, which is the sawn log, veneer is made by peeling the trunk of the tree or cutting blocks of wood to create thin slices of wood. For more consistent grain payers and difference between batches, choose from Recon veneers. Browse Recon Veneers | Order Samples for Recon White Ash FC


Project Highlight : The Cambria Suites Hotel | A new building in the heart of Madeira beach community. AAM matched finishes across screens, wall panels, furnishings and wallcovering using Real Wood Veneers’ Recon English Oak veneer. Custom phenolic screens with “Groove” and “Groove Thru” designs for columns.  Read Full Story

Recon Fir QC

Need more inspiration? Check out our Wood Solutions CatalogRequest A Quote | Contact Your Rep

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  • Mandi Hogan

    I love all the install shots! We know our industry is very visual and upon seeing how beautiful the product is on projects, it helps the creativity to soar even higher 💚💚💚

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