Specifying Window Film 101

Printed window films can be an effective way to infuse color and design into otherwise plain glass windows, partitions, and doors. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, printed films can also be used to add privacy, control light, improve way-finding, and more. 

There are a few things to consider when specifying window film, and understanding some of these basics will make the process run smoothly and ensure an outstanding result. 

  • Design/Artwork
  • Dimensions
  • First Surface Vs. Second Surface

If you choose to customize any aspect of a window film Design Standard or if you would like to produce a different design or piece of artwork as window film, some additional information may be necessary, depending on the result you wish to achieve. 

  • Ink Combinations ( Color or White Ink or Color + White Inks )
  • Opacity 
  • Gradients

Although each installation is unique, there are some basic measurements that are almost always required for successful window film applications. Providing accurate dimensions for these will facilitate the ordering process and greatly improve the end result.

Window film may be applied to either side of a pane of glass, and this is typically determined by which side will receive less exposure to physical contact (for longevity of the product). 

Depending on which side, or Surface, of the glass is chosen, the artwork may need to be printed as a mirror- image so that the image will “read” as intended once installed. It is necessary to determine this surface prior to the production of a Strike-Off, to ensure a proper installation. 

It’s critical to establish the location from which you’re viewing the finished design in it’s normal left-to-right orientation. Since First Surface is always on the same side of the glass as the viewer, we need to know the name of that location. For example, if the glass separates a Corridor and a Conference Room, and the viewer is in the Corridor, you would indicate “First Surface from Corridor Side”.

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