April Showers & Pastel Perfection

We’re bringing pastels in our design boards for spring. A great way to add a tint of color for neutral pallet lovers.

With unimaginable color capacity, endless scale possibilities, and near immediate rendering potential, the arrival of digital printing was a true gift. | Farona Grove by Patty Madden |

Find the perfect harmony with In Tune by Symphony. An open weave meets a bi-directional pattern that can be seen at a distance. Pastel blue wallcoverings for a serene and calming environment. 

Gallery Silk

Gallery Silk is a work of art, perfect for display in all interiors. Variations of color within the silk are seen in the soft horizontal strokes. | order samples |

Abstraction finds its roots in ‘intuition’ and ‘freedom’. It is the capability of the artist to use their imagination to look beyond what we can physically see and translate intangible emotions onto the canvas.


Inspired by an artist canvas, Ink’d wallcovering offers printery qualities with multi-color ombre effects create this mural like statement masterpiece.  | order samples

Multiple colors disperse effortlessly as if brushstrokes skipped across the wall in Watercolor. The essence of beautiful ink spots is apparent in this large-scale organic yet graphic design. | order samples |

Demi-Tone Linen


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