Free Flowing Watercolors


Watercolor refers to both the medium and resulting artwork. The knowledge of grinding pigment and dyes with water can be traced back to cave paintings. 


Watermedia pigments were created from earthen materials like charcoal, stone dust and dried flower powders. Later the mixing of honey for durability revolutionized watercolor paints. 

The color blue rarely appears in nature, and the first blue pigment to come into existence was made from lapis lazuli in Egypt. Blue symbolizes truth, peace, virtue and authority. 

Beautiful and enriching colors with gold accents shown in Seascape by LeVel Digital. | Order SamplesRequest A Quote

Watercolor has been a dominant medium in asian paintings for decorative objects, folk art and traditional silks. 🦋 Aurora by LeVel Digital🦋 | Order Samples |  

Aurora is offered in 4 standard colorways with a wide variety of substrates, from Type II vinyl and real wood veneer to acoustic materials| Request A Quote |

Glancing at Aurora, the composition of watercolor technique captures the beauty of this landscape mural. Teal blends blue’s tranquil stability with green’s optimism.

Watercolor paint is an ancient form of painting. It became popular in the United States during the 19th century; The American Society of Painters in Watercolor was founded in 1866. 

Splash is perfect for wherever you need a splash of color! Created by hand in Level’s studio, Splash is available in 6 standard colorways.

Splash by LeVel Digital 🎨 | Order Samples | Request A QuoteRequest A Consultation |


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