The Metallic Trend : Copper

Inner Realm DN2-RLM-10

Copper reflects everything around with a warm glow. Designers adore the warmth and subtlety of tone that copper shades convey within a scheme. Metallic geometric line detailing creates a dramatic yet harmonious style illustrating a positive energy for any space. Inner Realm by Colour & Design showcases a mix of sleek neutrals aside richly colored accents. Order Samples  | Browse Copper Patterns 

Natural copper is 100% recyclable without loss of properties continuously, making it the perfect choice for modern eco-designs. Even with the rate it is currently mined and consumed, there’s about 5 million years worth of copper on earth. 

Copper was the most common metal for everyday use in ancient Egypt. It has traditionally been seen as a quality metal for piping, due to its natural water cleansing abilities. Copper can eliminate bacteria, viruses and fungi that settle on it, making it the perfect hygienic choice for surfaces such as sinks, door handles and light switches.

Terrazzo Tap Wallcover by National Solutions

Terrazzo Tap AZ53410TZ

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