Breathe Free™ Technology

Breathe Free™ micro-vented wallcovering can be used to help control un-wanted moisture inside a building envelope. Building professionals design and construct buildings to be free of moisture intrusion. Occasionally construction mistakes, maintenance of the building, or design flaws allow moisture, or water vapor, to intrude into the building wall cavity. Sufficient moisture or water vapor in the wall cavity and cool temperatures within the building’s interior may cause condensation to occur within the wall cavity. When condensate (or moisture from other sources) accumulates on the back of the wallboard (inside the wall cavity) it may migrate into the wallboard. Unless a path is present for the moisture to be removed from the wallboard surface the moisture may eventually build to a point that mold growth could occur in components of the wall.

Breathe Free™ micro-vented wallcovering used in conjunction with permeable wallcovering primer and adhesive will allow the moisture to move through the drywall and micro-vented wallcovering. The excess moisture will be evaporated into the building’s interior and eventually removed by the building’s air-conditioning system.

Most DeNovo Wall and Colour & Design vinyl wallcoverings are available with Breathe Free™ technology. Please request a sample prior to placing your order. There is no additional cost when you add Breathe Free™ technology to your order. It’s Free!