Real Wood Veneer

With the race to a sustainable future well underway, architects, designers and manufacturers are all striving to find the best materials for their designs and for the environment. Here at National, we crafted Real Wood Veneer to demonstrate a functional, durable, sustainable and beautiful product.

Designed to balance form and function to tell the narrative of any space, Real Wood Veneer brings together a timeless design style. While our ultimate goal is the aesthetic beauty and technical performance these products provide, we also feel an immense duty towards responsible use. To honor that, our Real Wood Veneer are the thinnest in the world, yielding 300% more usable veneer from every log we source.

Using this ultra-efficient method to garner materials we gain a tremendous amount of veneer from each log, making it that much easier to match the wood on your entire project.

After the veneer is sliced it is then laminated and balanced on a metal foil substrate and then prefinished with 2 coats of hard wearing clear Durafinish.  The result is a one of a kind, Class ‘A’ Fire Rated wood wallcovering.

From the initial design, through to the installation, our team of professionals are ready to assist. And with over 100 species to select from (45 available in inventory) the possibilities are endless.



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