Key Elements to Designing Co-Working Spaces

Photo: Zaha Hadid Architects

Coworking spaces are gathering places for entrepreneurs, freelancers, students and experts working on different projects.


“When we talk about an optimized workflow and feelings of wellbeing at work, room planners need to bear in mind not only noise levels and reverberation within the room but also visual stimuli.” CSMM Architecture Matters

Dedicated to improving the lives of our community and (digital) nomads, these environments offer diversity and opportunities to collaborate with like-minded professionals and mentors from different fields. 

Project Inspiration |  Second Home Hollywood SelgasCano Architects | with the aim of improving the working environment this coworking space offers phone booths, mail service, complimentary tea & coffee, wellness gardens and auditoriums

Onyx DeNovo

Wellness Studio |  These spaces can double as rooms for classes, exhibitions and pop-up events.


Beautiful Colors | Scenic murals offer focal points with array of colors. Design with a collection of digital murals to unleash your creative inspirations

Remote work has offered employees flexibility, accessibility, savings in commuting time and expenses, and even privacy of medical issues that cannot be addressed in the workplace


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