Grey + Beige = Greige

Greige is a color combination of grey and beige. Depending on the mix of colors, some grieges can look more beige and some more grey.

Modern living room interior with wooden coffee table,white armchair and copper lamps 3d rendering

A traditional beige shows a strong yellow undertone, which makes it hard to coordinate with cooler colors. Greige is grey that has been warmed with beige’s warm undertones. ( Shown : Prism by Level )

Timbre ( X ) | Tropical Tune ( X ) | Brookfield ( X ) | Weft ( X ) | Heavy Metal ( X ) | Bruges Linen ( X ) | High Fidelity ( X )

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Warmer tones create a much more inviting feeling; it’s a soothing and sophisticated take on a classic palette. Will Greige have a spot in your design board? Share your design with us on Instagram and Tag @National.Solutions


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