Glancing at Claude Monet and Impressionist Art

Impressionism is not a style, it’s an attitude towards the relationship between life and art. This art movement originated with a group of Paris-based artists whose independent exhibitions brought them to prominence during the 19th-century. 

Photo: Keith H.

Claude Monet was the father of French impressionist movement. He was known for his famous Water Lily paintings produced from start to finish entirely outdoors. The magnificent Water Lily panels are presented in an oval shaped room in Musée de l’Orangerie, Paris.

Monet’s Water Lily Panels were Spotted in Midnight in Paris,  a 2011 fantasy comedy film written and directed by Woody Allen. You can find this movie on YouTube & Amazon Prime

The primary characteristic of Monet’s work is his commitment to Abstract Impressionism and its basic characteristics, such as a focus on texture, light and brushstrokes.

Impasto – Sea Glass

Impasto – Sea Glass

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Impasto – Greige

When dry, impasto provides texture; the paint appears to be coming out of the canvas. This technique can push a piece from a painting to a three-dimensional sculptural rendering. | Order Samples |

Impasto – Garnet

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Impasto – Primary


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