WallMax® UV Top Coat

Level is committed to creating products that contribute to a clean, healthy, and safe environment. We strive to improve the durability, cleanability, and functionality of all the wallcovering solutions that we provide. Many of our products already boast a variety of health-conscious attributes:

  • Anti-Microbial Properties
  • Bacteria, Mold, & Fungi Resistance
  • Superior Stain & Abrasion Resistance
  • Easily Cleanable with a Wide Range of Cleaners 
  • Impact Resistance

To aid in the cleanability and durability of our finished goods, our products may be laminated or top-coated with UV curable coatings to provide important resistance to common concerns in high-traffic commercial environments.


Our UV coating also contains fire suppressing chemistry and has been tested and proven to contribute towards achieving Class A Fire ratings through ASTM E84 test methods.


The coating formulation is heavy metal free with attributes that have been tested and proven to kill bacteria and prevent mold spores from forming, even in the most humid environments.


WallMax has anti-mold, anti-mildew, and anti-microbial properties (applied on all Level wallcoverings, except designs with gloss ink or window films) It has increased stain resistance and is highly washable and scrubbable.

WallMax will withstand the more frequent cleaning that facilities are now implementing. It can also be cleaned with a wide range of commercial solutions:

1:10 Mild Soap and Water  |  Mineral Spirits  |  Formula 409  |  10% Bleach Solution  |  De-Solv-It  |  Fantastic


One reply on “WallMax® UV Top Coat

  • Kristen Holden

    Adding Wallmax to Level’s digital portfolio has been a game changer. Installations are looking good for longer with the increased durability on the face of the material. Great to know about the antimicrobial properties too. One more reason why choosing Level is a no-brainer!

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