Introducing ekoa® by Lingrove

Imagine a world where buildings and our built environment make us healthier and the materials we choose for our built environment help protect our planet.

Rapidly Renewable Materials ~ After nearly a decade of research, a proprietary method of combining flax fiber with bio-resins was perfected.  The result of this ground-breaking process is composite surfaces that have the look and feel of wood without compromising quality, performance or sustainability.


Plant-Based Veneers + Panels ~ The foundation of all ekoa high-performance products begin with veneers crafted with natural flax fibers and plant resins.  The result is a wide array of durable, elegant and sustainable finishes with a luxury look and feel.


Interiors of the Future ~ Ekoa plant-based veneers and panels are the ideal sustainable, high-performance choice for wallcoverings, wall protection, ceilings, millwork, cabinetry and lighting solutions.  We strive to bring the cleanest & healthiest products in our category to Architects and Designers.



Ekoa is made from Carbon Negative plants, is Red List Chemical Free and Made in the USA.  | Click here to view color options and order your overnight samples. |