INVISICAP – Complete Chemical Protection

As the COVID-19 era drives the urgency for more aggressive cleaning and disinfecting programs across all commercial interiors, many wall finishes will not tolerate repeated application of harsh chemical disinfectants. Into this void, JJ introduces an effective new solution.

Applying InvisiCap PVF film to JJ’s industry-leading designs will ensure complete chemical protection for your wallcovering, while preserving the nuanced, natural looks of JJ silks, linens, woven textures, and other designs.

Casbah Silk

Ordered as a custom run, with normal JJ lead times, InvisiCap protects against all cleaning and disinfecting chemicals, in any concentration. When a facility needs natural-looking wallcovering with no cleaning limitation, specify InvisiCap on almost any Vycon and Symphony patterns. Refer to full list of patterns available below.


  • On existing JJ patterns ( exeptions: Tip prints, Metalline, other specialty constructions)
  • 400 yd minimum (+15% overage) | 800 yd (+10% overage) | 200 yd (+10%) increments thru 2000 yds
  • Not Available for micro-venting  


  • Strike-offs | Normal lead times ( faster if existing sku available ) 
  • Mock-up = 400 yds order

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