Jojoba Color Trend

“TREND INSIGHTS: Soothing blues and greens create a restorative escape offering ease and solace.” – Behr

Many feel an innate connection to the color green because it is so pervasive in the natural world. Think of nature and see green in all its glory expressing renewal and life.  

Modern wallcoverings contain aesthetic appeal unmatched by painted surfaces, from textures to digital printing capabilities, your walls can be your canvas.  Shown above: Demi-Tone Linen (AZ53499DL) | Hide & Silk (Y47891HS) | Azuki (LXB-AZU-05) | Jacquard Weave (CM117-2384) | Kyya (DN2-KYY-04)

Hit a high note with A Cappella. This true classic features a woven linen texture gently entwined with a touch of metallic. Shown in Molto Mint (AZ52937AC) Order Samples

Make a bold statement with Level’s Unicorn Mural (LX1201) This acrylic pour painting was created in the studio by one of Level’s talented artists! Perfect for wherever you need a splash of color. Order Samples | Request A Quote 

Vinyl Wallcoverings are inherently fire resistant, durable, cleanable and long-lasting.  Shown Above:  Skyward (Y47387SW) | Kumi (LXB-KUM-10) | A Cappella (AZ52937AC) | In A Flash (Y47843FL) | Bellini (CM113-2319) | Request A Quote 

Bring nature inside with Japanese Maple (L11-1002) these trees symbolize grace, great blessing, serenity of the elements, and peaceful retreat. They’re especially beloved because of its beauty and star-shaped leaves. Request A Quote 

Inspired by tribal and ethnic designs, Kyya alludes the exotic and abstract. The free-form shapes and curvilinear layers lead the eye in various directions, creating a sense of movement. Order Samples 

Brighter greens are more energizing and vibrant, while olive greens are more representative of the natural world. Use your imagination to look beyond what we can physically see and translate intangible emotions on your walls. Abstract design by Patty Madden Digital, Regency (LXD-RGC-03)

Jong Aqua Pearl custom digital wall mural by Patty Madden | Request A Quote | Tinted wood shards of various shades tilt and sway within metallic and pearl geometric. The sea foam green color is one of the softest colors associated with the ocean.

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