Vycon : Woodn’t It Be Nice

Inspired by the most sought-after wood species. Woodn’t it be nice boasts with its 16 unique, contemporary, quarter cut sku collection.  The pattern provides a warmth that can make any space calming or add a touch of refinement and luxury, all while bringing the beauty of the outdoors inside for the first time. 


“A neutral color scheme usually relies on a layered composition of subtle and muted color tones. It is helpful to keep an eye on the individual color tones to ensure that there is enough contrast for the eye to distinguish the various layers. I often add structure with select darker elements as well as highlights with the occasional metal accent. Plants or a single splash of color are another way to create bright focal points.” Dorothee Junkin of DJDS (Source : Elle Decor)

Neutral palettes are perfect for relaxation. When we have truly stunning architecture, as that requires very little extra help, neutrals act as wonderful backdrops allowing statement pieces to shine.

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