2020 Spring Blossoms

🌸 The beauty of the Cherry Blossom is a potent symbol equated with the evanescence of human life and epitomizes transformation 🌸

Patterns Shown:

Make it Mylar (Y47864MM) – Cavita (CM118-2399) – Appian (CSD-APP-03) – Shilo (CD2-SHO-27)

Known for its beautiful blossoms, the flowering cherry tree has enticed writers, artists and filmmakers alike. Originating in Eastern Asia, the light pink to ivory blossoms add a serene beauty to landscapes worldwide.

Learn more about cherry wood in our species of the month card.

Designers can add a touch of metallic into their spaces with ease using the different shades or patinas of a metal.  The Metallic finishes add a luxurious finish to your home or space.  Whether using the warm metallics of gold, bronze or brass or the cool metallics of silver, chrome and nickel these metallics make a robust statement for any accent wall.  Discover other hues of Make it Mylar

Organic textile influences for modern environments were the driving inspirations during the development of this exciting and versatile new offering. Each of the 16 sku’s in Shilo™ offers a combined matte/ patina finish that will add sophisticated wall surfacing to your interior walls.

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