What’s New with Luxe Surfaces!

Embark on a journey of creativity with the three newest introductions from Patty Madden and Luxe Surfaces!  Imbued with a spectrum of colors, these latest designs not only add depth and warmth to your interiors, but also evoke a touch of elegance.  Elevate your space and let your walls seize the spotlight.


Inspired by the tactile process of making fabric by hand, Patty Madden brings you Ruskin.  A striking cross hatch of warp and weft captured in a Type II wallcovering so expertly rendered you can’t help but envision the physical, repetitive dance of the loom.  Ruskin’s embossing captures the earthy appeal of tactile specialty yarns and fiber art, and brings the warmth and dimensionality of artisanal art to interior walls.  | order samples |

Serena, a hand-loomed textile-look wallcovering, crafted to honor and increasingly rare and artisanal tradition. Through the thoughtful pairing of earthen, sepia tinged hues and a weft embossing rich with resemblance to natural yarns and wool fibers, Serena creates interiors that bear witness to the hand of the artist: material evidence of touch and intention. Available in a palette of natural dyed pigments, Serena brings the tangible language between maker and loom to your walls. | order samples |

Introducing Trackney by Patty Madden. Inspired by Kusari-doi, or Japanese water chains, Patty captures the vertical appeal of this functional art; the pattern’s linear print illustrative of water released from roof tops and poetically transferred to the ground in a trickle or a flood. Available in a palette of coastal hues that play over a bamboo grain embossing, Trackney delivers a visual treat with near auditory delight.  | order samples |