The Perfect Balance of Privacy and Design with Window Films


Boka Bloom by Colour & Design. This elegant budding tree is branching out its design to digital window films. Window Film can enhance any design within your building by offering increased safety, comfort, security and ever saving benefits.  | Order SamplesRequest A Quote | 

Lattice Silk

An average of 33% of AC bills are due to solar heat transferred through the windows of a building. Window film reduces light pollution, as well as allowing natural light in while rejecting the heat that typically follows. This lowers the overall energy consumption of a building and can contribute to LEED credits. | Lattice Silk by Colour & Design |  Order Samples |

Excessive sun exposure can fade your carpets, rugs, artwork, wood flooring, window treatments and furniture pieces. Window film offers UV protection that will minimize the fading damage and your pieces will be granted a life extension. | Order Samples |

Boka Grid

Reduce glare and increase visual comfort when viewing daytime television, working at your computer and displaying your products for clients. Window film can help improve the eye’s ability to focus on an object clearly by enhancing depth perception. | Boka Grid by Colour & Design | Order Samples

Businesses have the opportunity to add a unique sense of style to any space, utilizing custom colors, scaling and opacity levels, the design possibilities are limitless. | Loblolly by Colour & Design | Order Samples

All Colour & Design patterns are available for digital imaging on your window film substrates. Please contact your local rep for custom scaling, opacity & color samples. Browse the Color & Design Catalog for design inspiration! | Request A Copy |

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