Modern Window Films : The Perfect Balance of Privacy and Design


Window Film can enhance any design within your building by offering increased safety, comfort, security and ever saving benefits. Window Film actively reduces light pollution as well as allowing natural light while rejecting the heat that typically follows. This lowers the overall energy consumption of a building and contributes to LEED credits. 


One in five individuals are diagnosed with skin cancer in America within their lifetimes. Backed by the Surgeon General and the Skin Cancer Foundation, window films offer an affordable, safe solution, rejecting up to 97% of heat producing IR rays and up to 99% of damaging UV rays. Source: 3M


In healthcare, window films provide patients with a sense of privacy and a way to conceal areas not suitable for the public. Windows are exposed to elements each day as well as accidents that could leave windows broken and damaged. 

However, window film provides an extra layer of protection while offering enhanced privacy without making a building seem closed off. Businesses have the opportunity to add a unique sense of style to any space with numerous available finishes, design patterns and levels of opacity the possibilities are limitless.

Window Film Options

Printed window films can be an effective way to infuse color and design into otherwise plain glass windows, partitions, and doors. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, printed films can also be used to add privacy, control light, improve way-finding, and more. All of our window film products are printed on our high performance, scratch-resistant, Optically Clear Polyester Window Film. We offer three basic options for window film 



Standard Repeat Window Films are a curated selection of repeat-pattern designs meant to be installed horizontally across the glass.They are printed in either white ink or (only where indicated) in a frosted glass effect. Although not customizable as-is, custom options are available (ask your representative for details). 

Available in two standard sizes sold by the roll: 40” Tall x 120” Roll/Repeat   |   59” Tall x 180” Roll/Repeat 



Window Film Murals, like our wallcovering murals, tend to be full height, “feature wall” applications. Window Film Murals come in a variety of styles featuring privacy options, stained glass effects, frosted effects, and more. Colors and effects can be customized. Window Film Murals are all sized to specifications


  • Any design in our digital collection can be custom-specified on window film 
  • Customize scale, color, effects, opacity, and more. 
  • Using our resources and print technologies to achieve your vision, create custom window film from your provided artwork. 
  • A variety of tools are available to help you create your custom window film.


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