Key Elements to Designing an Office

With our evolving lifestyle and evidence-based design focused on health and wellness, many are becoming aware of the importance of investing in properties that feel authentic and leave room for growth. Workspaces are designed with the goal to improve performance and productivity, attract talented new recruits, enhance wellness and well-being, and inspire new ideas. 

CO-WORKING SPACES  : Furniture arrangements are what distinguish the transitions from one space to the other. Consider the flow of the room, get rid of barriers to make the space feel larger, create a space that can serve many purposes at once.

DYNAMIC FLEXIBILITY : New generation of moveable, multi-functional, lightweight, and ergonomic elements designed to fit any space and purpose. Allow for complete transformations of environments from meeting room to studio, to production area, to a semi-private space in the blink of an eye.

WOOD IS MAKING A COMEBACK : Wood provides an undeniable character, adding Biophilic texture, lines, and warmth to traditionally sterile office environments. Use a natural wood veneer wall to create a sense of visual separation between your designated work zone and the rest of the room or to create a statement wall that draws the eye away from your work area. Use sleek, light woods for a bright, natural feel or go darker if you want to really bring the drama. ( Source: Sanfoot )

DRY ERASE WALLS : Do you think more clearly by writing things down? Dedicate a wall or two for dry erase wallcoverings. A focal point for the creative space in your office/workplace is essential. Browse our WriteWalls collection.

Courtesy of The Wing

ROOM FOR INSPIRATION : Libraries that double as decor for your office. It welcomes the readers to open up their minds and add to their knowledge. It motivates you keep up the habit of reading which further leads to enhancement of vocabulary too.

LIGHT IT UP: Many professionals prefer working under daylight, for its immense health benefits. Also, you will save on electricity bills. So make way for large windows and glass walls  in your space and see the magic happen. Browse our Window Films 

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