Project Highlight : The Hoover Dam Visitor Center

The Hoover Dam Visitor Center receives over one million visitors each year. Acoustic Architecture Panels, Ticket Booths and Security Booths supplied and installed by AAM.

Façade is a non progressive steel frame system that enables the attachment of virtually any panel type with multiple thicknesses, shapes and optional characteristics in the same elevation.

The system options include stand-off arrangements allowing the panels to be pushed away from the wall to accommodate  utilities and services behind the panels. Additionally partial weight transfer to the floor enables heavy panels to be supported without compromising the integrity of the wall.

Panels with backlighting and acoustical absorption are both available on this system.

Wherever there is a need for architectural wall panels, our Façade System is a smart solution. Fully integrated system components include steel supports and concealed fixing hardware, fully machined panels complete with pre-machined and installed fastening anchor points, and multiple reveal and panel edge options.

Stand-offs deliver opportunities to run ductwork and utilities behind the panel. All the panels are pre-machined providing the fastest and most accurate installation of panels. Architectural Panels on the Façade system comprise MDF, Ply, Particleboard and Non Combustible substrates, in both acoustical and reflective performance levels ,and are available from 1/2” (12mm) to 4” (100mm) thick. 

All the panels are precision machined providing the fastest and most accurate installation of panels.

Façade panels are available in Real Wood Veneer, HPL, Phenolic and Glass. Custom surfaces are also available. Acoustical options are available in HPL, Real Wood Veneer & Fabric. Custom Digital designs can be developed in house. For the best yield, standard panel modules are 2’, 3’ and 4’ wide although any practical size can be made. 

Key Features include :

  • Fast to install
  • Multiple finishes in the same elevation
  • Multiple thicknesses in the same elevation 
  • Precision machined and predrilled
  • Acoustical Options
  • Lighting Options 
  • Wood,HPL,CompactWood®,Phenolic,Glass,Metal 
  • Hundreds of colors, abstracts & custom digital 
  • Real Wood


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