Natural Vs Recon Wood Veneers

Maple QC

Unlike solid wood, which is the sawn log, veneer is made by peeling the trunk of the tree or cutting blocks of wood to create thin slices of wood. These thin flexible slices can then be cut into a variety of shapes and sizes and bonded to a secure backing material for other applications.


Natural veneer are obtained through a process of cutting thin pieces of wood from trunk and stump to burl and crotch.  As a result Natural Wood characteristics, grains and color vary according to the type of tree and variation may occur from piece to piece or lot to lot. 


Recon veneers, wood is still sliced from logs but afterwards it undergoes a process of dyeing, laminating and re-slicing before obtaining the desired color and pattern. Recon however offers more consistent grain patterns and difference between batches that may not be as wide when compared to Naturals. 


Recon Fir QC

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