Wood Veneers Installation Guide

Installing wood veneer is quick and simple, it requires the same tools as installing a typical vinyl wallcovering. It is important that the pre-installation and installation conditions are met and that the areas to be covered are prepared correctly.


Key elements for a successful installation are:

  • Surface Preparation
  • Adhesive and Primer Selection
  • Environment Conditions
  • Quality Worksmanship

The appearance of architectural wood veneer wallcovering is largely determined by the matching and slicing method. There are 4 types of veneer matching to consider :

  • Book Match
  • Slip Match
  • Swing Match
  • End Match

Book Match

( Sequenced, Mirror Effect, Standard Match )


Slip Match

( Uniform Grains, No Reflection, Sequenced, Cherry Red Oak )


Swing Match

( Reverse Slip, Used With Flat Cut, Reverse Cathedrals )


End Match

( *Bottom to Bottom, *Top to Top, Tall Vertical Walls, Ceilings )


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