Wood Wallcovering

University of Colorado – Campus Commons. Over 1000 sheets of Real Wood Veneer Wallcovering was blue print matched throught this beautiful theater

The prefinished, Class ‘A’ Fire Rated sheets were all book matched and sequenced, with each sheet having an exact locastion within the project to ensure consistency of color and grain. All the sheets were end matched to deliver this stunning result.

Real Wood Veneer’s wallcovering products are rolled in boxes of 10 or more sheets and after 48 hours of conditioning are installed directly to primed drywall utilizing a clay based adhesive.

Available in over 100 species, 45 of the most common species are shipped from inventory for next day delivery. Order samples here

This project was all custom stained to deliver stunning consistency across wall, clouds and balcony fronts.

Key Features include :

  • Fast to install
  • glued directly to drywall with clay adhesive
  • Prefinished sheets
  • Class A Fire Rated
  • Flexible. Simply fold around corners
  • Hard wearing – foil core adds tremendous strength
  • Custom stains and dyes
  • Hundreds of species
  • Stocked in 3 x 9 and 3 x 10 sheets for immediate delivery


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