Digital Acoustic Solutions

Occupation noise exposure, or noise control, is paramount to creating a positive environment. Hospitals, universities, businesses and industries everywhere are trying to manage their noise levels.

In need of sound control? Ask your sales representative about our new Sibilance® High Performance Acoustic Felt or our Nimbus® wrapped acoustic panels. Whether you’re specifying a Level design or supplying your own artwork, we have acoustic solutions for you!

CRYSTALINE ( L11-1203 )


Any design in the Level collection can be custom- specified on Sibilance® High Performance Acoustical Felt.

  • Fosshield® Antimicrobial Technology
  • 100% post industrial recycled polyester
  • Provides an acoustically rated NRC of 0.20
  • Highly resistant to shrinking and stretching
  • Coated for maximum stain resistance
  • Does not absorb moisture
  • Bacteria and fungi resistant
  • Easily cleanable

Colors, scale, and size can be customized.

CRYSTALINE ( L11-1203 )


Any design in the Level collection can be custom- specified on Nimbus® Acoustically Transparent Fabric, to be wrapped around acoustic panels.

  • Thinner, lightweight fabric
  • 40% recycled content
  • Acoustically transparent
  • Wrinkle-resistant, warp knit polyester
  • Dye-sublimated printing

Acoustical Panels are all sized to specifications. Metallics and gloss effects are not available.

Colors, scale, and size can be customized.



2 replies on “Digital Acoustic Solutions

  • Loay Quota

    Dear National,

    I am interested in using one of your acoustic products on a current office renovation project in our office. I do have a few question you may help me with and would appreciate your input and help:

    1. What is the difference between your Sibilance High performance Acoustic felt and your Nimbus wrapped acoustic panels.
    a. What will I need for either to install.
    b. Which looks more realistic with an image on it.
    c. Can I print any of your level- series 9 on the acoustic solutions.
    d. Can you please email me more specs on both products.
    e. What is the cost for both.
    f. Would it be possible to receive samples of both.

    2. Can you ship orders overseas.

    Kind Regards,

    Loay Quota, AIA, RIBA, Leed AP

  • Moneah

    Hi Loay,

    Thanks for your interest in our digital acoustic products!

    1. Simblance is a wallcovering that performs at .25 nrc. Nimbus is an acoustically invisible textile used to wrap acoustic panels.
    a. Clear adhesive for the wallcovering. Z-clips for the panels.
    b. Both print equally well.
    c. Yes, on either substrate.
 Browse our collections!
    d. Yes, will need to connect you to your rep.
    e. Cost depends on image and quantity. Do you have more information?

    f. Where are you located? I want to make sure we can support your request.
    2. Yes

    Please visit

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