Dimensional Acoustic Panel Art

Dimensional Acoustic Panel Art combines three dimensional designs with fabric covered sound absorbing panels to offer superior acoustical performance for every environment. Our collection of designs can bring a contemporary feel to any space and provide high performance noise reduction. Some designs can be end-matched or side-matched for a “repeat” pattern. By turning the panels in different directions, you can create a whole new look.

  • Suitable for any space where sound control is necessary
  • Ideal for theaters, offices, churches, schools, conference rooms, entryways, lobbies, etc
  • Select a standard pattern or create your own design or logo
  • Installs like typical acoustic panels
  • Expertly manufactured with the highest quality materials
  • Edges hardened with water based resins for stability (no warping) & impact resistance
  • Fabric adhered using our patented process insuring a smooth, uniform, no sag appearance for years to come
  • Low maintenance
  • Multiple installation methods
  • Recycled content SCS certified up to 40% of total weight
  • Superior NRC
  • Standard item test certificates and specification sheets available upon request
  • Class A Fire rated

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