LeVel : Living Wall

High Performance Standard Repeat Acoustical Wallcoverings: A curated selection of repeat-pattern designs printed via dye-sublimation on Acoustical Felt, derived from 100% post industrial recycled ♻️ polyester, with Fosshield Antimicrobial Technology ( Silver & copper ions incorporated into the polyester fiber naturally attack microbes. )

#DesignInspiration Living Wall ( LSAW001-02 ) by Level Wallcoverings🦚 Think of nature and see green in all its glory, expressing renewal and balance. Green has a strong association as a refreshing and peaceful color.

Researchers at University of Melbourne found that office workers can improve concentration by glancing out a window at a green roof for 40 seconds. According to the authors, the green provides a “restorative” effect that allowed study participants to regain the mental resources they needed to concentrate on their tasks.


Occupation noise exposure, or noise control, is paramount to creating a positive environment. Hospitals, universities, businesses and industries everywhere are trying to manage their noise levels.

  • Provides an acoustically rated noise coefficient (NRC) of .20.
  • Highly resistant to shrinking and stretching.
  • Coated for maximum stain resistance and lightfastness (has a lightfastness rating of 5).
  • Does not absorb moisture making it a durable and long-lasting solution.
  • Easily installed using traditional wallcovering paste and butt seams leaving no visible overlap.



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