Protect Your Walls with Superior Targa® Rigid Panels


Introducing an ideal solution for wall surfaces that are susceptible to damage in high traffic areas. The rigid panels absorb the impact from objects like hospital gurneys, luggage carts, and more, maintaining the integrity of the wall.


Targa® is a clear PETG sheet, .040” thick, with the image printed on the back side of the material, encapsulating it against the wall and protecting it from wear and abrasion. After the image is printed, a white vinyl backing is applied at the factory to maintain color accuracy and consistency. 

In addition to providing your clients a superior product with better wear and abrasion resistance, Targa® has anti-microbial properties (bacteria & fungi resistant) and it’s easily cleanable with a wide range of cleaners.

Targa® is an ideal solutions for high traffic areas:

  • Hospitals & medical Offices
  • Restaurants & dining halls
  • Hotels & airports
  • Schools & universities
  • Gyms & fitness centers

Any design in the Level collection can be specified with Targa® as its base material. Available in both 4’ x 8’ & 4’ x 10’ sheets and is precision- trimmed at the factory. NOTE: Gloss effects are not available on Targa®.  | Browse Collections

City Griddy

It can be installed with the panels butt-fitted together or with optional trim pieces available through Level. Aluminum trim pieces are available in a variety of profiles. They are available in 68 different colors to blend with the colors of the mural. | Locate Your Representative



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