Violet Architectural Buildings Around The World

Luke Hayes

Mathematics: The Winton Gallery, by Zaha Hadid Architects, is located in London, United Kingdoms. The Science Museum’s Mathematics Gallery design responds to the ambition of David Rooney and his team to present mathematics not as an academic concept, but as a practice that influences technology and enables the environment around us to be transformed.


INSCAPE, by Archi-Tectonics NYC, located in New York City, United States. This next-level meditation studio in Manhattan’s Flatiron district is more tricked out than most boutique hotels. One ceiling features a floating, web-like rope installation by artist Tini Courtney, another a spiraling, woven pattern of bamboo. The space contains a set of ellipsoid meditation spaces; a “Dome Room” and an “Alcove room”.

Jannes Linders

Ziggo Dome Amphitheater, by Benthem Crouwel Architects, is located in Amstredam, Netherlands. The ArenA Boulevard,  is intended primarily for entertainment, shopping and a combination of sport, leisure, play and recreation. The building is covered with 120,000 LED fixtures, allowing the facade of the building to appear as a video screen on all sides. 

Northwestern University Athletics Center, by How Architects, is located in Evanston, Illinois. This multi-building complex relocates and consolidates practice, training and academic services for the majority of student-athletes on the main campus while aiding the school’s efforts to recruit top student-athletes across the country.

Peter Fisher

Sacred Heart College Performing Arts, by Tridente, is located in Somerton Park, Australia. The feature wall for a school chapel was clad in translucent purple for this campus building. Where possible the use of day lighting has been maximized which allows panels to cast a “lilac glow” on the chapel’s interior. 

Chungha Building, by MVRDV architects, Located in Seoul, South Korea. Chungha is a multiple identity building transformed into a collection of shop windows so each commercial venture would have a fitting canvas for its display. LED lights change the buildings appearance.  


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Which violet architecture was your favorite?? Do you know of any other Violet buildings that are waiting to be discovered? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Kristen Holden

    These are all incredible. I hope to, one day, be able to visit Amsterdam again and check out the Ziggo Dome Amphitheater in person. I can only imagine how incredibly cool it is to see it all aglow at night.

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