Cordoba by Command

Cordoba delights with its versatility and elegant simplicity. The well-defined vertical stripe emboss creates a tonal shading and striking dimensional effect, as pearlescent highlights sparkle on the surface for a bright, luminous quality.

Cordoba provides a stylish and sophisticated backdrop for a variety of interior spaces, with 18 crisp colorways from warm and cool neutrals to saturated accent hues | Order Samples | Request A Quote | Find Your Rep |

#DesignInspiration Cordoba (CM135-2641) by Command Wallcovering. Shades of blue are associated with elegance, luxury and tranquility. Add prominence to your interior by incorporating Cordoba in sapphire blue for modern and contemporary designs. Tiles by Tilebar. Fashion by Dolce & Gabbana.



One reply on “Cordoba by Command

  • Kristen Holden

    That blue is EVERYTHING. So glad that Command revamped their Cordoba pattern, I love the heavily textured vertical. The way it catches the light, once installed, brings so much dimensions to the walls.

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