Organic Textures by Colour & Design


Inspired by the world’s natural materials and their organic forms, our wallcoverings are the perfect design element for any project. Take a minimal approach to styling with our favorite textures!


Rustic elegance, hauntingly beautiful with a time worn horizontal orientation…vacillating like mist to create a virtually seamless installation. Ghost Concrete makes a casual yet luxurious statement…in your choice of 16 (super)natural shades. Order Samples


Magliano Wallcover by National Solutions

Inspired by and named after the enduring stone walls in Toscano Italy, Magliano is a montage of various size interlocking blocks, both tactile and beautiful in 20 natural stone patina colorways. Order Samples


From Old Portuguese, Adega™ is defined as a cellar. As refined as the first sip of a world class Cabernet, Adega features small mosaic cobblestones giving an Old World element to interiors. A combination of 24 natural neutrals and earthy accents make up Adega’s color palette. Order Samples 


Farrah incorporates large-scale fluid vertical waves with stunning layers of hues to create a tranquil, serene environment. The custom painted quality of our gravure print is created through blending soft metallic pigments with gorgeous, colorful inks, providing harmony, and a sense of calm and relaxation. Order Samples


City Loft™…the look of broad-planked wood combined with the luminescent quality of Mylar creating a warm, yet restrained outdoorsy feel. A total of 14 earth-toned sku’s complete this color palette. Order Samples

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